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Alpine Guide - leading producer of Snow Cat Tires and Rims

Founded in 1982 Alpine Guide is the first full line manufacturer of tires for Snow Cats and Snow Groomers . Alpine Guide manufactures and distributes tires worldwide for many makes and models of Snow Grooming Machines and Snow Utility Vehicles such as Bombardier, Prinoth, PistenBully, Thiacol, DMC, LMC, etc.

In thirty plus years of business we have seen many changes in the snow grooming industry.  We continually improve snow grooming track tires to meet the riggers of inhospitable terrain and climate.  Our tires are made from hard, grip resistant rubber.  Our uniquely engineered shape avoids contact with track guides to increase longevity and performance.

*Now Available: rims / wheels for the Bombardier Bombi and Bombardier Snow Coach (Snow Bus).